27 Sarah Stapelberg

Sarah Stapelberg - 2006

What's with the arrows? The arrow was a solution to a sculpture that had some complications, and from there it turned into my subject matter. I have made arrows out of cement, glass, metal and many other mediums. For a year I explored the concepts of arrows in nature. Carving them into dead trees, aloes, anthills, watching them change shape with time.
The arrow symbolises my personal growth and experiences. At some stage I was feeling like I had lost direction all together, but then I found myself in room 27.
Room 27 is about one's daily routine and personal experiences. A bedroom is a place of rest - somewhere where you can gather your thoughts, reflect on your day and revitalise. Before you go to bed and when you wake up you usually find yourself in the bathroom, where you refresh and spend some time alone. Although the arrows have a strong directional flow leading through the room, everyone has a different routine and so one's experience in room 27 should be unique.

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